You match with the promoter profile. The promoter is an individual that is highly curious about the world around them and love to generate new ideas. They don't take things too seriously and see the world through an optimist lens. They prefer to work in an environment that is welcoming, fun, spontaneous and free of a hierarchy structure. 


They have an adventurous spirit which is colourful, approachable, loud, infectious and likeable. You can positively identify the promoters because you see or hear them before you meet. They love to be the centre of attention, enjoying the limelight. They will take the front stage because they are not afraid to try new things or challenges. 

While they are social, emotive, and a full of ideas, often they can be impatient and manipulative. They can be seen as self-promoting with unrealistic beliefs and expectations. They are not keen on time management and are inattentive to detail. If something else comes along and grabs their attention, they will change their focus and move on to the new shiny object. They can make quick decisions without collecting all the relevant information which can lead to mistakes. They are always ready to say yes to people; however, when they take too much, they end up increasing their workload with the risk of not finishing their work. There is a good chance they won't get the tasks completed because they have too many and lose interest quickly. However, they need to slow down and take a breath and add more self-care tasks to their lives as they don't like to sit still for too long.


To further explore your interests and get more guidance and support in defining your life goals. If you like what you read and heard I would send you weekly information that you may find beneficial, there is no cost. However, I don't want you to feel obliged to stay in the group, so if the group no longer serves you, I will understand if you leave. Know that you are more than welcome to come back at any time.

In the next few months, I will be offering a range of online courses and face to face workshops with the content centred around personal development. You will be notified by email along with any costs associated with these courses. 


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