You match with the organiser profile. The organiser is an individual with high expectations, not only of themselves but of others. They can be disappointed when others do not meet their expectations. They need an environment that supports their knowledge, high work ethic and systematic approach to all tasks. They prefer others to be knowledgeable and think logically and analytically as they do. However, this way of thinking can lead to indecisiveness as they are always looking for more information. At times they can be seen as pessimistic, serious, overly critical and can be seen as micromanagers in any situation, as they move towards perfectionism.


What makes organisers so valuable is that they add so much value to any project! As they can plan, organise, research making sure nothing is missed. They need to make sure they check in with themselves so they don't become overwhelmed as it may lead to anxiety. Remember this is because they set such high expectations of themselves. If they do not achieve what is on their list, they will be disappointed with themselves. They will have spreadsheets, a list with all the allocated tasks and timings along with a pile of information from countless hours of researching an idea. They are undoubtedly the right choice of people to have when planning an event as they can be tasked with conducting the research, as they activate the left side of their brain.

To further explore your personal interests and get more guidance and support in defining your life goals. If you like what you read and heard I will send you weekly information that you may find beneficial, there is no cost. However, I don't want you to feel obliged to stay in the group, so if the group no longer serves you, I will understand if you leave. Know that you are more than welcome to come back at any time.

In the next few months, I will be offering a range of online courses and face to face workshops with the content centred around personal development. You will be notified by email along with any costs associated with these courses.


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