You match with the Diplomat profile. The Diplomat is an individual who is the right side thinker and can let their emotions take over and influence their decision-making style. They want a caring and supportive environment because that is important to them and the rest of the team. They are the peacekeepers making sure everyone is ok, putting others needs ahead of their own, however, they will avoid conflict because they hope that everyone will just work it out.


The Diplomat sits back and observes the action going on around them, they would prefer to listen to someone than do the talking. That's why they make wonderful teachers, counsellors, community services and volunteers - anything that involves giving back to the community. They can take a while to get to know people and build trust because on face value they seem shy, hesitant and quiet. It's only because they don't like to be the centre of attention and would be happy to sit back when meeting new people. Their confidence can be low as they don't often put themselves in difficult situations. However, when they feel comfortable with the relationship they are loyal, caring and supportive friends.

Overall diplomats are patient, friendly, sincere and like to be involved in group activities as there is a sense of community. They can worry too much as they are trying to fix and solve the problems of others, so they have to be mindful to sometimes put their own needs first.

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