You match with the self-reliant profile. A self-reliant is happy about themselves and are quite pleased to tell people that. They see themselves as self-starters and not afraid to deal with and take problems head-on. However, they are bold and direct and will tell people it is their way or the highway.

They are competitive and can come across as arrogant and rude because they are result driven, they are thinking of the end game and not the people involved in that process. It is all about winning as they are focused on the task. Therefore their communication style can come across as cold and direct, and they will say it how it is which means you know where you stand with a self-reliant.

They work well on their own and are usually seen at the top of an organisation because that's how they got there, through hard work and determination whether that means some people got hurt along the way. A self-reliant needs to be mindful of their own stress levels as they start to become overwhelmed; they can lose their temper and become angry and say some things they may later regret. It is essential the self-reliant checks in with their emotions and has a greater understanding that most people are not self-reliant personalities. 

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